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Our mission.

To protect and restore Planet Earth.

Together we're raising £1 million for global conservation projects through [Project One Million, One Planet Earth]. We contribute 40% of profits and 5% from every purchase to conservation initiatives.

Founded in Wales, we're an independent brand delivering positive change for Planet Earth.

[Project One Million, One Planet Earth]

What is [Project One]

[Project One] is our initiative to generate £1 million for Planet Earth. These proceeds support vital conservation projects in and around the Amazon rainforest.

Read all about [Project One], here.

How we're generating £1 million.

With your patronage, we contribute:

  • 40% of all profits
  • 5% of every order
  • £5 on first order on email sign-up
  • £10 when you refer a friend
What happens after [Project One]

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Carbon-negative since day one.

A note on carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets are not a solution to the climate crisis. Countless offset schemes have been found ineffective at protecting the environment and are often used by large corporates to justify bad business practices.

The solution? Reduce the impact of doing business.

Our Ethical Charter below sets out everything we're doing across our organisation to reduce our impact.

Choosing the right projects.

That's not to say all schemes fail. They require careful vetting to ensure they'll achieve what they claim they will.

We calculate the emissions we generate and use certified carbon credits to ensure we're carbon-neutral.

Striving to go further, we then aim to remove 10x the carbon we generate working with our partner TR[1]BE to deliver tree protection programmes in and around the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon rainforest projects.

Cloud Forests of Toldo Pampa

Enveloped in cloud cover in the far southwest of the Amazon, the region of Toldopampa finds itself at unprecedented risk of deforestation. This programme aims to establish a 130,337 acre protected area to prevent developers destroying trees for mining and cattle grazing.

This programme will expand protection for the indigenous Huanca people as well as several critically endangered primates. Species include the Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey, Andean Night Monkey, and the Black Spider Monkey.

The programme is expected to protect 15.5 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

Learn more
Maísa-Mojú Para

The Maísa project is located in an area referred to as the “Arc of Deforestation” which accounts for circa 52% of all deforestation in the Amazon. This programme aims to protect 71,042 acres from illegal industrial logging among other similarly nefarious activities.

This expansive programme seeks to empower local communities in creating strong resistance in the region to climate damaging activities as well as protect over 128 endangered tree species and 29 endangered animal species.

The programme is expected to protect 2.0 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

Learn more
The Atlantic Forest

Nestled within the Serra Bonita Mountain Range the Instituto Uiraçu maintain a conservation reserve spanning 8,468 acres. This programme seeks to expand the reserve by 750 acres and prevent it being sold for agricultural development which has already consumed so much of the region.

The Atlantic Forest is home to a wide range of critically endangered species. Expansion of the reserve will protect the Banded Cotinga, Buff-headed Capuchin, and Natterer’s Longwing all of which find themselves on the precipice of extinction.

The programme is expected to protect 99,467 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

Learn more

Our Ethical Charter.

Ethical business is good business.

It’s embedded in our DNA to deliver positive change for both Planet Earth and our customers. To do that, we must excel in every aspect of our organisation.

Our Ethical Charter sets out everything we do to minimise our impact on Planet Earth while maximising the benefit for all of our human stakeholders.

Our Operations.

The way in which we conduct our operations provides the greatest opportunity to reduce our impact on Planet Earth.

  • We own our production facility, meaning we can continually innovate our processes to reduce our impact.
  • We apply the 4R’s philosophy in everything we do (Remove it where we can, reduce it where we can’t, Reuse more and Recycle what’s left)
  • We invest substantially in R&D to improve our formulations and reduce the impact on Planet Earth.
Our Customers.

We couldn’t achieve anything without our customers. For you, we strive to deliver the finest organic and vegan formulations available anywhere.

  • We provide a 100 Day Guarantee on all purchases as we have unequivocal confidence that our formulations will deliver results.
  • We provide compassionate customer support; if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • To give you confidence in what we say, we are fully independently certified by reputable third-party organisations who audit our claims.
Our Employees.

Our employees move mountains. They enact our mission every day and are vital in delivering [Project One].

  • Every employee holds a mandate to innovate how we operate to reduce our impact on Planet Earth.
  • We are committed to paying above the living wage and increase pay at the very least in line with inflation.
  • We invest substantially in training for our employees. This is critical to ensure they have the platform to grow professionally but also improve how we operate as an organisation.
Our Suppliers.

Our vendors are a vital part of the equation in delivering the finest organic and vegan formulations.

  • We work with a handful of local vendors, preventing our products accruing tens of thousands of miles before they arrive at your front door.
  • Our vendors are selected for their ethical credentials; many are certified carbon-neutral and hold B Corp status.
  • We seek to build lasting collaborative relationships that enable us to influence how they operate and ultimately reduce the impact on Planet Earth.
Our Investors.

We're a zero-dividend business. Meaning that all profits after contributing 40% to [Project One] are reinvested to grow and improve how we operate.

We only take on investors who have a passionate desire to restore and protect Planet Earth.

Our certifications, licences and partners.

Businesses say a lot of things, which may or may not be true. That's why we've validated all of our claims through reputable third-party certifications. We hold an FSC promotional licence which enables us to use the FSC trademarks to promote the FSC certified and labelled products which we sell.

Attaining these accreditations is no easy task. We are scrupulously audited on a continuous basis and are held to the highest standards.

40% of profits to Planet Earth.               

5% from every purchase to Planet Earth.               

Certified organic, vegan & cruelty-free.               

Certified 100% natural.               

Carbon-negative since day one.               

Refills coming Spring 2024.               

Made in Wales.


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