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From Earth to Skin: Why everyone's making the switch from Synthetic to Natural

Your skin loves natural ingredients, find out why below.

With more and more people switching from synthetic to natural skincare every day we explore:

  1. The x3 reasons why natural is winning
  2. Some of our favourite natural ingredients
  3. How to build your 100% natural routine with our 90-second skin consultation


Holistic Benefits

Over recent years, the movement from synthetic to natural skincare has grown quickly.

One of the main reasons for this is that natural formulations support all of our skin's natural processes needed for healthy and happy skin.

Natural ingredients (e.g. jojoba and avocado) have evolved over millions of years in complex ecosystems developing hundreds of powerful vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that our skin loves.

The fantastic complexity of these ingredients provides the skin with all of the nutrients it needs for healthy processes, repair and defence.

In contrast, synthetic ingredients are manufactured in a lab to treat a very specific symptom without giving much thought to the underlying cause. They are almost always harsher and tend to cause irritation.

The kicker is that as soon as you stop using a synthetic product the symptoms it was treating often come rushing back with a vengeance.


Long-Term Impacts

We've touched on it lightly above, but natural ingredients do far more than treat any one skin concern we might have.

They support our skin's entire ecosystem making for happier and healthier skin for decades to come.

As opposed to synthetic ingredients that can interfere with the skin's natural processes, disrupt hormonal balance, and provoke sensitivity.



Natural ingredients also tend to be kinder to the planet, with more sustainable end-to-end lifecycles across sourcing, production and packaging.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. When choosing a natural skincare brand opt for one with credible certifications. For example, we're certified with the Soil Association (COSMOS) as Organic and 100% Natural and PETA as Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

The footprint of synthetic ingredients is driven by more intensive manufacturing processes (often causing chemical pollution in the surrounding air and water). These products are also mass-produced in factories and sit in warehouses for months on end before making it into the hands of the customer.

Our Top Natural Picks

Sea Buckthorn Oil Natural and Organic Skincare Ingredient

01 Sea Buckthorn

Filled to the brim with essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9) this superfood for the skin is great for delivering lasting hydration and boosting your skin's regenerative capabilities.

Find it in The Replenishing Serum, where Sea Buckthorn accelerates the skin's natural healing powers for a healthy complexion.

Plum Oil Natural and Organic Skincare Ingredient

02 Plum

An antioxidant-heavyweight it's abundant in vitamins A and E. It can and should be added to all routines but it's particularly beneficial for dry and/ or ageing skin.

Find it in The Rejuvenating Serum, where it helps to increase celluar turnover to reduce and prevent fine lines.

Raspberry Seed Oil Natural and Organic Skincare Ingredient

03 Raspberry

Often an upcycled by-product this environmentally friendly superstar is rich in anti-inflammatory properties helping to soothe irritation and redness.

Find it in The Cleanser, carefully formulated to detox pores and draw out impurities without putting your skin out of balance.

So... how do you build a natural skincare routine?

Building any skincare routine is difficult.

If you're a DIY kind of person, start with fundamentals and switch in a 100% natural cleanser and moisturiser. From there build in your usuals (e.g. serum, exfoliator)

Alternatively, complete the 90 second skin consultation below and we'll craft a perfect routine tailored to your skin's exact needs!