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[Project One Million, One Planet Earth]

Our plan to generate £1 million to protect and restore Planet Earth.

The climate crisis is the single greatest challenge facing humanity. To protect and restore Planet Earth, we devote 40% of profits and 5% from all purchases to [Project One].

We exist for two simple reasons. To produce the finest organic and vegan formulations that deliver results, and to generate the funds required to support vital conservation projects around Planet Earth.

With your patronage, we contribute:

  • 40% of all profits,
  • 5% from every purchase,
  • £5 on your first order upon email sign-up,
  • £10 when you refer a friend

These proceeds directly support vital conservation programmes.

Our projects.

[Project One] currently supports three projects in and around the Amazon rainforest.

1. The Cloud Forests

Enveloped in cloud cover in the far southwest of the Amazon, the region of Toldopampa finds itself at unprecedented risk of deforestation. This programme aims to establish a 130,337 acre protected area to prevent developers destroying trees for mining and cattle grazing.

This programme will provide support for the indigenous Huanca people and protect critically endangered primates. Species include the Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey, Andean Night Monkey, and the Black Spider Monkey.

The programme is expected to protect 15.5 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

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2. Maísa-Mojú Para

The Maísa project is located in an area referred to as the “Arc of Deforestation” which accounts for circa 52% of all deforestation in the Amazon. This programme aims to protect 71,042 acres from illegal industrial logging among other similarly nefarious activities.

This expansive programme seeks to empower local communities in creating strong resistance in the region to climate damaging activities as well as protecting over 128 endangered tree species and 29 endangered animal species.

The programme is expected to protect 2.0 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

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3. The Atlantic Forest

Nestled within the Serra Bonita Mountain Range the Instituto Uiraçu maintain a conservation reserve spanning 8,468 acres. This programme seeks to expand the reserve by 750 acres and prevent it being sold for agricultural development which has already consumed so much of the region.

The Atlantic Forest is home to a wide range of critically endangered species. Expansion of the reserve will protect the Banded Cotinga, Buff-headed Capuchin, and Natterer’s Longwing all of which find themselves on the precipice of extinction.

The programme is expected to protect 99,467 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

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Why we protect rainforests.

The destruction of rainforests releases millions of tonnes of carbon each year. With tropical deforestation accounting for 15% of net global carbon emissions each year it presents an ideal candidate for us to devote financial resources toward.

Published in Science Advances, ‘A Global Deal For Nature’, outlines a science-driven plan to remain below a 1.5°C. To achieve this target, land conservation has to double between 2019 and 203.

We're constantly evaluating how we can best protect and restore Planet Earth through [Project One] and we’re likely to expand beyond just rainforest protection in the not too distant future.

What happens after [Project One]

We're just getting started. Join us on Instagram and Facebook to follow our story.

40% of profits to Planet Earth.               

5% from every purchase to Planet Earth.               

Certified organic, vegan & cruelty-free.               

Certified 100% natural.               

Carbon-negative since day one.               

Refills coming Spring 2024.               

Made in Wales.


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